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    Orange Azalea.


    District Judge Chris Speaks and Chilton County Probate Judge Jason Calhoun signed a Proclamation last week declaring April as Child Abuse Prevention Month on Thursday, April 1.

    The event was held at Clanton’s Corner Park. Blue and silver pinwheels were placed in the park in observance of the events planned during the month of April. Pinwheels represent a bright future for the children of our community. 

    You are asked by Butterfly Bridge to wear blue each Friday in April in observance of Child Abuse Prevention Month.


   The Chilton County Master Gardeners Association will hold a plant sale on Saturday, April 17, at Goose Pond Park in Clanton. The event will be from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The rain date will be the same hours on April 24.

There will be annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, natives and pass-along plants available for purchase. Cash, check or credit card will be accepted.

        An accident, Thursday morning, April 8, involving a large truck and an automobile happened on Interstate 65, south, near the 221 mile marker just north of Jemison. It is not known at this time if there were any injuries.

        Ray Headley won the monthly pool tournament at Senior Connection in Clanton. Shown are, left to right: Howard Lewis, Headley, Alan Marcus and Alvin Teel. Not pictured is Joe Maddox.


    On Wednesday, March 17, in Southwest Chilton County,

Intersection Of County Road 24 And County Road 37, a tornado struck.

    A strong thunder storm and tornado damaged and destroyed several homes near Billingsley, in Chilton County.

    There were no reports of serious injury!

    The National Weather Service reports the tornado was an EF2 with 130 mile per hour winds.

    Girl Scout Troop 337 has constructed and placed a Flag Retirement Box for the community to donate used flags. Anytime you have an old, worn, tattered flag you are asked to take and place it in the box. Troop 337 will retire the flag the correct way. 

    Troop 337 began working on the box last year and many hours were put into building the box. "It was a huge labor of love," said Amy Jolley, troop leader. "We are very honored to have been able to construct this box for our community and offer a place for everyone to donate their precious flags."  

"I would like to thank all the Girls Scouts, moms, and dads for working many, many hours on this box to get it ready. Also, we would like to thank the City of Clanton and the Clanton City Council for allowing us to place the box at the Clanton Fire Department."

    Troop 337 would also like to thank the YMCA of Chilton County, who donated all of the paint for the box, and C & C Trophy for the sign on the front of the box. 

     Carmen Hinton, above, places a flag in the box.


By Becky Tucker, News Reporter

    The Clanton City Council voted recently to allow David Driver, Fire Chief, to apply for a grant which would enable the fire department to be operational on a full-time basis. “We are applying for this grant, which at this time, is 100 percent,” Driver said. “The city would not have any matching funds. The grant would pay all benefits, salaries, everything for firefighters for three years.”

    If awarded to the City, the plans are to staff all fire stations with a total of eight people per shift. According to Driver, most full-time fire departments utilize three 24 hour shifts, usually from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. “Our goal is to hire 24 total people, 8 per shift,” Driver said. “These shifts are named A-Shift, B-Shift and C-Shift and the positions are as follows: three captains, three lieutenants and eighteen firemedics/firefighters, with a minimum of 9 firemedics.

    The following is the potential staffing structure: A-Shift, Station 1-Captain (Shift Commander), 1-Lieutenant, 2 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum); Station 2- 2 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum); and Station 3- 2 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum). B-Shift, Station 1-Captain (Shift commander), 3 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum); Station 2-1 Lieutenant, 1 Firemedic; and Station 3- 2 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum). C-Shift, Station 1-Captain (Shift commander), 3 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum);

Station 2- 2 Firemedics/Firefighters (1 firemedic minimum); and Station 3- 1 Lieutenant, 1 Firemedic 

    The total grant request for three years is $4,652,988.00. This is the maximum that will be needed to staff all three fire stations. “It will depend on what level of EMS training the applicants have and how many people actually apply,” Driver said. “If awarded, the grant we will have a maximum of six months to hire personnel.  The funds will be available after the six month window and the entire funds for the grant will be determined by how many people we have after the six months.”

    Driver said it is rare for the grant to be offered at 100 percent. If awarded, it will give the City of Clanton three years to budget and allow the fire department to remain full-time. With the proposed farm center becoming a closer reality, Driver feels the city has to have full-time firemen.


March 3, 2021

4100 Block Gowan Road-Altered Mental Status

900 Block County Road 89-Motor Vehicle Accident

Ollie Avenue and 3rd Street-Natural Gas Leak

400 Block 1st Avenue-Fire Alarm

2500 Block 7th Street South-Fire Alarm

1100 Block Pinedale Road-Unresponsive

March 4, 2021

300 Block City Street-Back Pain

1100 Block Duren Road-Fall

600 Block Thrash Road-Unresponsive

300 Block 7th Street North-Motor Vehicle Accident

2000 Block 4th Avenue North-Smoke Investigation

2100 Block 7th Street South-Fall

800 Block Old Thorsby Road-Abdominal Pain

1200 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

100 Block 12th Street South-Altered Mental Status

1200 Block 7th Street South-Traumatic Injury

Bud Littlejohn Road-Brush Fire

20 Block 2nd Avenue South-Abdominal Pain

March 5, 2021

2500 Block 7th Street South-Fire Alarm

Lay Dam Road and Airport Road-Police Matter

600 Block Dennis Street-Carbon Monoxide Alarm

1400 Block Enterprise Road-Overdose

100 Block Martin Luther King Jr. Drive-General Illness

300 Block Smith Street-Seizure

3000 Block 7th Street North-Difficulty Breathing

1100 Block Duren Road-Vehicle Fire

1400 Block Poplar Springs Road-Assault

1100 Block Hinkle Road-Police Matter

2100 Block 7th Street South-Chest Pain

2000 Block 2nd Avenue North-General Illness

March 6, 2021

50 Block Park Drive South-General Illness

March 7, 2021

900 Block Cobblestone Circle-General Illness

700 Block 8th Street North-Abdominal Pain

400 Block Inverness Drive-General Illness

2100 Block Maplewood Lane-Bleeding Non Traumatic

700 Block 16th Avenue North-Fall

800 Block Scott Drive-Stroke

100 Block Camille Circle-Public Assist

March 8, 2021

I65 211 Mile Marker North Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

 100 Block Medical Center Drive-Fire Alarm

20 Block 5th Avenue South-Police Matter

900 Block County Road 410-Brush Fire

300 Block City Street-Fall

March 9, 2021

300 Block Debra Avenue-General Illness

3000 Block 7th Street North-Seizure

3000 Block 7th Street North-Seizure

900 Block 6th Avenue North-Smoke Investigation

Blacksnake Trailer Park-General Illness

900 Block Windham Avenue-Medical Alarm

100 Block Kemp Street-General Illness

200 Block Thompson Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

3500 Block 7th Street North-Medical Alarm

March 10, 2021

100 Block 13th Street North-Motor Vehicle Accident

March 11, 2021

3000 Block 7th Street North-Chest Pain

1400 Block 4th Avenue South-Altered Mental Status

200 Block 7th Street South-Traumatic Injury

200 Block Lilla Avenue-Public Assist

1100 Block Duren Road-General Illness

1100 Block Duren Road-Assist Ambulance Personnel

400 Block Inverness Drive-Fall

200 Block Meadowview Circle-Diabetic Emergency

100 Block Peach Tree Lane-Altered Mental Status

1100 Block Duren Road-Public Assist

March 12, 2021

Lay Dam Road and Pinedale Drive-Motor Vehicle Accident

2100 Block 7th Street South-Traumatic Injury

100 Block Thompson Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

100 Block Kendall Estates-Chest Pain

Yellowleaf Road and Fawn Drive-Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

300 Block 12th Street South-Police Matter

500 Block 7th Street South-Police Matter

200 Block Thompson Avenue-General Illness

4100 Block Autumnwood Drive-Difficulty Breathing

March 13, 2021

2200 Block 4th Avenue North-Public Assist

3000 Block 7th Street North-Altered Mental Status

1100 Block 4th Avenue North-Motor Vehicle Accident

1100 Block Duren Road-Public Assist

600 Block Clanton Marketplace-Chest Pain

2500 Block 7th Street South-Chest Pain

1000 Block Cobblestone Circle-General Illness

1000 Block 3rd Avenue South-Natural Gas Leak

March 14, 2021

I65 211 Mile Marker North Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

200 Block Edgewood Street-Difficulty Breathing

2000 Block 7th Street South-Seizure

200 Block Mitzou Drive-Fire Alarm

900 Block 7th Street South-Police Matter

March 15, 2021

2200 Block 7th Street South-Assault

900 Block Lake Mitchell Road-Grass Fire

2300 Block 7th Street South-Public Assist

800 Block Scott Drive-General Illness

800 Block Cobblestone Circle-Public Assist

March 16, 2021

200 Block Edgewood Street-Difficulty Breathing

1200 Block 7th Street South-Seizure

200 Block Thompson Avenue-Fall

I65 211 Mile Marker South Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

I65 200 Exit-Vehicle Fire

3000 Block 7th Street North-Abdominal Pain

I65 211 Mile Marker South Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

I65 211 Mile Marker South Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

100 Block 6th Street South-Chest Pain

800 Block Bradberry Lane-Assault



   By Becky Tucker, News Reporter

    Habitat for Humanity of Autauga and Chilton Counties works in partnership with people who need to build an affordable, quality house. Applicants must put in “sweat equity hours” prior to moving into the house. Habitat does not charge interest on their loans and applicants must have a steady monthly income.

    Habitat held a Home Dedication on Friday, February 26 in Clanton for Nicole Zabransky. “I appreciate the City of Clanton for what they’ve done,” Rick Mims, builder, said. “We looked at this lot several years ago. The City had to work with us to get a house to fit on it. This is much better than having an empty lot.” 

    Mims encouraged Mayor Jeff Mims to keep things like Habitat homes going in the City. “This is a beautiful house,” he said. “Much better than an empty lot. I worked with a great group of guys who came up from Prattville and Millbrook two days a week and dedicated their time. I appreciate them doing that.” The house is energy efficient and has a safe room inside. 

    A family Bible was presented to Zabransky and her son, Bentley, by Sunday Hosch. The keys to the new home were presented to Zabransky by Rick Mims. She thanked everyone for their work on the house. “They have taught me so much,” she said. “I’m glad everyone saw something in me, had faith in me to be chosen for the house here. I can’t thank you enough for the new journey that me and my son are about to start. If it wasn’t for Habitat, there would have been no way I could have gotten the house on my own. I greatly appreciate every single one of you guys.”

    Daon Johnson, Executive Director of Habitat of Autauga and Chilton, thanked all the donors, along with volunteers, on completing the project. She closed the dedication ceremony by saying, “God’s grace has been in all of this.”

    Steve Linto offered a closing prayer and everyone was invited to tour the home.


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