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County Replaces
47 Computers

By Becky Tucker, News Reporter

The Chilton County Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 28, with members in attendance via teleconference call. Greg Moore was absent.

Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell, in the work session prior to the meeting, reported that a total of 47 computers had been replaced in the courthouse and tag office. On Tuesday, July 7, the information technology team detected a ransomware cyber incident on the county’s computer system. Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. While some simple ransomware may lock the system in a way which is not difficult for a knowledgeable person to reverse, more advanced malware uses a technique called cryptoviral extortion, in which it encrypts the victim's files, making them inaccessible, and demands a ransom payment to decrypt them. The tag office was immediately forced to shut down and has been closed until this week. County commissioners voted to not pay the ransom in excess of $800,000.00.

It was reported in the work session that recovery of information was not a big issue and most of the new computers were up and running on Wednesday, July 29. A total amount spent on new computers and hardware to prevent a hack in the future was not released by the commission during the work session or meeting.

During the regular meeting, Sheriff John Shearon made the following requests: transfer of employee from the Sheriff’s office to deputy sheriff; promotion of correction officer to full time; spending $605.00 for emergency air conditioner repairs at jail; and spending $5,983.27 for emergency repairs to fire alarm system at the jail. All requests were approved unanimously. Shearon thanked the commissioners for all their help over the recent months in getting the repairs made at the jail which he said helped greatly with safety issues.

Revenue Commissioner Tim Little requested the renewal of a warranty on a computer server in the amount of $3,445.00. Also approved was spending up to $14,000.00 per year to a company for the back-up of data.

Sylvia Singleton, County Administrator, stated that the August 4 work session would also include a budget session. A request had been presented by Clanton First United Methodist Church to continue river church until December and that was granted by commissioners.

Commissioner Matt Mims spoke on behalf of the county engineer and asked for a $10,000.00 line transaction for construction equipment to work on the shoulders of the roads where repaving is being done.


Gerald Arrington, Park Director at Minooka Park, was granted permission to declare a 1997 Jeep as surplus property and seek sealed bids.

Commissioners granted Derrick Wright, of the EMA, permission to transfer funds in the amount of $16,000.00, from various accounts, to be used for repairs on the old Department of Human Resources building on Airport Road.

A emergency resolution was passed to repair the walkway around the boat slips at Higgins Ferry Park which have become a safety issue. Jimmie Hardee had obtained quotes for repairs ranging from $12,800.00  to $25,000.00.

Commissioners agreed to go with the lowest, most responsible quote, and get the repairs started immediately because of the safety issue. Also at Higgins Ferry Park, the title for Donald Giles was upgraded to Park Director and the position received an increase in salary of $2,800.00 per year.

Commissioners agreed to award James Owens the contract for new pads to be built at Minoka Park at a bid in the amount of $48,888.00. Also, it was agreed to pay $7,000.00 for sod.

Discussion was held in regard to a proposed race track in the area of County Road 76 off of County Road 37. Commissioners Hardee and Joe Headley said residents in the area are concerned about the noise level, parking issues and hours involved with the actual racing. The county attorney advised that there wasn’t much that could be done because the county has no zoning laws. 

Chilton County Peach

Festival Began In 1947

Read some of the history here:

Career Center
Opens In Clanton

    The Clanton Career Center will open to the public on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  The Center will be located at 310 Fourth Avenue North, inside the Clanton Parks and Recreation Building which is located in the corner of the Park Plaza Shopping Center.

    The Center will offer both job seeker services and employer services. There will be advice on resume preparation, career and job search assistance, labor market information, etc. for those looking for employment. Those looking to hire personnel will be offered recruitment assistance, employee development workshops, pre-employment screening, etc.

For more information about the center, visit

Tuberville Defeats Sessions

    Chilton County voters said “no” to Jeff Sessions’ Senate comeback bid Tuesday night, July 14, instead choosing Tommy Tuberville for Senator. Tuberville finished first in the March 3 primary, which was rescheduled from late March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Tuberville will now face Democrat Senator Doug Jones. Jones narrowly won a 2017 special election and is seeking a full term.

    There were 5,768 ballots cast in Chilton County last Tuesday. Tuberville had 72.56 percent of the vote with 4,183 votes. Sessions had 27.44 percent with 1,582 votes.

    In the race for Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 2, Beth Kellum had 53.66 percent of the vote with 2,731. Will Smith had 46.34 percent with 2,358 votes. These totals are unofficial as of Wednesday, July 15.

Church Announces Changes

    Sunday worship opportunities at Clanton First United Methodist Church have changed effective immediately. River Church is held at 8:30 a.m. through Labor Day at Higgins Ferry Park on Lake Mitchell.

    Drive-in Worship is held at the church on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:30 a.m.  You may listen as the service is on Facebook livestream and also on the local radio station 95.5 FM.

    Facebook livestream of the Traditional Worship Service is at 11:00 a.m. There will be no attendees allowed at the church. At 12:00 noon,  the service will be broadcast on local radio station 95.5 FM.

    Mid-afternoon, Hydrate Worship Service, with no attendees, will be on Facebook. Due to various sound and technology barriers, the service will not be livestream.

    The exact time of posting depends on the process of mixing the sound and internet speed for upload.

Municipal Elections

Tuesday, August 25

City Of Clanton

     All cities and towns will hold municipal elections on Tuesday, August 25. The following have qualified for office in the City of Clanton: Mayor, Jeff Mims and Jeffrey Price; District 1, Danny Carter, William “Bear” Newton and Billy Singleton; District 2, Bobby Cook, Barry Baker and Wade Watley; District 3, Ronny Childress and Sammy Wilson; District 4, Awlahjaday "Day" Agee, Margaret Hawkins and Ronnie Richardson Parker; District 5, Mary Mell Smith.

Town Of Thorsby

    The following have qualified for office in the Town of Thorsby: Mayor, Chester “PO” Mizzell, Tiffany Collins Hammock, Robert Hight and Robert Culp; Place 1, Neil Benson; Place 2, Jermaine “Rhino” McGee and Chasity Cleckler Chapman; Place 3, Kathy Johnson and Justin Killingsworth; Place 4, Larry Underwood and Marvin Crumpton; and Place 5, Glenn Littleton.

Town Of Maplesville

    The following have qualified for office in the Town of Maplesville: Mayor, W. C. Hayes, Jr. and Tim Jones; District 1, John Caudle; District 2, Sheila Hall; District 3, Hal Wayne Harrison; District 4, Richard Davis; and District 5, Patty Crocker.

City Of Jemison

    The following have qualified for office in the City of Jemison: Mayor, Eddie Reed; District 1, George Brasher and Donna P. Manasco; District 2, Donnie Lane and Levis W. Peters, Jr.; District 3, Robert L. Morris; District 4, Rex Bittle; and District 5, Samuel E. Reed.

Clerk's Office Closed

    The Chilton County Circuit Clerk’s office is now closed due to the elevated concerns of the coronavirus disease. All person-to-person hearings within the 19th Judicial Circuit are suspended until Friday, August 14, excepting those cases specifically exempted under the Supreme Court’s March 2020 order.

    According to Glenn McGriff, Circuit Clerk, you may contact his office by calling 205-755-4275. Even though the office is closed to the public McGriff, along with his staff, will still be working.

Super Hits At

"The Peach" Radio

    Chris Johnson and Rob King began managing WKLF Radio Station on August 1, 2018. The station is one of only a few local businesses that have existed more than 70 years in Clanton. WKLF has changed ownership several times over the past few years. The previous owners had operated WHPH “The Peach” 97.7 and WKLF. The Peach was sold to Revocation Radio and WKLF to Johnson and King. The trademark The Peach was included in the sell of WKLF to Johnson and King. On August 1, in celebration of two years of ownership, WKLF will begin using the trademark name, “The Peach,” once again.

    WKLF 95.5 will continue their regular programming from 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., just as they have in the past, with gospel music. Beginning this weekend, August 1, 95.5 will play the super  hits from the 60’s and 70’s from 5:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Those same oldies hits will also be streamed at ThePeach.Live around the clock. “We will include the local news and sponsorship ads in both the oldies and the gospel streams,” Johnson said. “The only change will be the on-air from 5:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. of oldies music and the additional stream.”

    This change has been in the works since they purchased the station. “We decided not to change the station up a lot when we first took over,” Johnson said. “We wanted to wait a while before we started using the trademark name and that time is now.” Johnson said, “there will be a classic country stream added in the near future.”

Tag Office Now Open

    The Chilton County Tag Division office is now operating on-line. If at all possible, you are urged to renew on-line. The office is expected to open the week of July 27 with new office procedures in place.

    Customers will be waited on in the order that you arrive. A clerk will take your phone number and you will wait in your car until called. You must bring your paperwork with you at all times. Office hours will be 9:00 a.m. until noon and 1:00 until 4:00 p.m.

    All penalties will be waived for the time the office has been closed in July. Masks will be required in the building.


Clanton Fire Calls

June 15, 2020

1100 Block Duren Road-General Illness

7th Street South and I65-Chest Pain

800 Block Temple Road-Seizure

400 Block Martin Luther King Jr. Drive-Motor Vehicle Accident

2100 Block 7th Street South-Abdominal Pain

June 16, 2020

600 Block 1st Avenue-Snake Bite

June 17, 2020

2800 Block Yellowleaf Road-Public Assist

June 18, 2020

1800 Block 7th Street South-Police Matter

1400 Block 7th Street South-Motor Vehicle Accident

1600 Block Lee Avenue-Difficulty Breathing

June 19, 2020

1300 Block 7th Street South-Seizure

I65 204 Mile Marker North Bound-Motor Vehicle Accident

800 Block Poplar Springs-Public Assist

400 Block Inverness Drive-General Illness

2100 Block Pine Street-Syncope

June 20, 2020

100 Block Thompson Avenue-General Illness

2800 Block 7th Street North-Abdominal Pain

1st Avenue and 11th Street-Motor Vehicle Accident

2100 Block 7th Street North-Diabetic Emergency

June 21, 2020

200 Block 14th Street South-Assault

I65 209 Mile Marker North Bound-Vehicle Fire

700 Block Studdard Drive-Cardiac Arrest

400 Block 2nd Avenue South-False Alarm

1400 Block 7th Street South-General Illness

300 Block City Street-Fall

Holiday Inn Drive and Big M Boulevard-Altered Mental Status

100 Block Thompson Avenue-Medical Alarm

1000 Block 2nd Avenue North-General Illness

June 22, 2020

1400 Block 4th Avenue South-Motor Vehicle Accident

2300 Block 7th Street South-Police Matter

200 Block Health Center Drive-Cardiac Arrest

1400 Block 7th Street South-Traumatic Injury 

June 23, 2020

2600 Block Lay Dam Road-Police Matter

3500 Block 7th Street North-Medical Alarm

2300 Block 4th Avenue North-Public Assist

300 Block Medical Center Drive-General Illness

300 Block Arby Drive-Syncope


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